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In recent decades, ground-breaking innovations and changes have meant that digital technology is now used as the preferred means of automating production processes. Delicated parts such as sensors and actuators act as a bridge between control or feedback modules and guarantee consistently high quality thanks to early intervention, smoothing out any possible fluctuations in production.

As a company with vision, we have monitored the market and its trends intensively throughout our entire company's history and implemented new innovations immediately in our portfolio. It has meant that VWH has always worked with state-of-the-art engineering, and plants from its Automation division have already made a name for themselves internationally.

Robot Industry 4.0

Industrie 4.0

New technologies in computer engineering have meant that the production sector has changed fundamentally. Industrial robots, fully automated production lines and techniques for documenting the production flow, with simultaneous archiving of key data, are important building-blocks within the constantly growing automation sector.

Reasons for increasing automation

Reasons for increasing automation The advantages that automation technology brings with it are apparent. Product quality is improved and can be maintained at a consistently high level even over the long term. In addition, a higher number of products is manufactured within a relatively short period. Automating different production operations therefore means a massive time-saving, and consequently also a considerable cost-saving. Automated work stages significantly minimize the number of faulty production runs or eliminate them entirely.

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  • Development of part-automated and fully automated systems for marking components in line with customer-specific instructions, such as serial numbers, production date and data matrix codes
  • Development of part-automated and fully automated systems for welding complex modules, such as metal plug contacts or plastic container modules
  • Laser-cutting systems to cut out a wide variety of geometries from an endless strip
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  • Manufacture of complete systems and stand-alone systems
  • Integrated systems with fully automated process and transfer systems 
  • Manual finishing stations & part-automated systems
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  • Designing fully automated palletizing systems
  • Integration of vision systems for component checks
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  • Part-automated or fully automated component testing
  • Mechanical and electrical function testing
  • Completeness checks using vision systems, tactile checks, sensor systems
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  • Developing customer-specific robotic units for handling, assembly and testing processes
  • Equipping workstations with collaborating robots (man-machine)
  • Simulating the complete work flow and all movements of the robots in process simulate.
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  • Solutions for integrating injection-moulding machines into fully automated production processes for manufacturing complex modules
  • Solutions for turning and removing multi-component injection-moulded parts
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  • Resistance welding
  • Arc welding
  • Laser welding
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