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VWH GmbH: Ground-breaking ceremony for new production centre in Westerwald, Germany

The expert for special machine and tool construction lays the foundation for optimized manufacturing and assembly processes. "Whoever sells lean must also be organised lean himself," explains Managing Partner Thomas Sturm in his speech on 18.06.2019...

VWH GmbH expands technology center

The Westerwald-based company combines classic, sophisticated toolmaking, highly complex automation technology and innovative engineering under one roof. With its future-oriented product portfolio, VWH GmbH positions itself as a global player. The...

VWH builds two production halls

VWH GmbH in Herschbach/Oww. plans to expand its production area by around 3,000 square metres and to build two new production halls this year. VWH had already built a new production hall with 1,200 square meters in 2009/10. The building application...

Optimal economy through automation

Also in injection moulding technology ... In politics, business and science, the term "industry 4.0" is virtually hailed in all media. After the first three major industrial revolutions - steam engine, assembly line and the use of electronics - the...