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Bin Picking: Reaching into the bin with Artificial Intelligence

One of the currently most challenging and at the same time most sought-after tasks in robotics is the automated classification of objects provided as bulk material. With the help of a 3-D camera, the bin picking system processes disordered individual...

Obsolescence management in German SMEs

The technical progress of the industrial sector enables rapid product developments, efficient production processes and individual automation technologies. However, Industry 4.0 conceals a dark side with significant effects on long-term investments in...

The efficiency of injection molding in small batch production

In a fast-moving age, the demand for small batches for spare parts procurement in the industrial goods industry is increasing significantly. Although 3D printing is developing increasing popularity as an additive manufacturing process in terms of...

Automation in German medium-sized businesses

Automation technology has not just developed into the new status quo as a result of the crisis. In the midst of globalization, increasing competition and shortened product life cycles, it is the necessary means to prove itself in new market...