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Industrial 3D-printing in design and production

Digital production technology at VWH GmbH

3D printing is changing the way who makes where  and when products, accelerating innovation and determining the competitiveness of businesses in the future. Whether individual sports shoes, configurable car...

Success factors in the internal value chain

Specialist for plastics technology combines all production steps under one roof

A material often used for the manufacture of products is plastic. The advantages of this material are obvious. Good shaping, resistance to weathering and chemicals, low...

Always change a running system: Plea for agile automation in mid tier and industry

With change to improved productivity and process efficiency

For some time now, the topics Industry 4.0, Smart Factories and connectivity in a new dimension have been dominating the image of the media. Automation has arrived in German medium-sized...

Specialist in special machinery & toolmaking on course for growth

VWH GmbH defies economic downturn with flying colours

There is no momentum, the economic downturn has direct consequences for the economy and industry, many companies are starting to pursue strongly conservative strategies. A recent survey by the...