Quality control of an automation system


Comprehensive support in the field of special machinery and plant engineering

Our customers can expect special machine construction with fully integrated engineering and services

Maintenance service

Maintenance and service

We can maintain and repair your machines and plants and bring your equipment back up to the state of the art. You can obtain regular servicing through one of our extensive maintenance contracts.

Support during commissioning

Assembly and commissioning

Once your system has been designed, manufactured and extensively tested in our halls, we provide expert packing and transport. We make installation at your premises and ensure smooth recommissioning. We instruct your employees in how to operate the system and rectify any mismatches in the short term. Our employees clarify any questions with you directly on-site and point out the individual features of your plant.

Repair with laser technology

Laser repair welding

Our company is where you will find innovative laser technologies to make your fleet of machines fit for daily use again. Using laser repair welding, minor or major visual impairments or functional impairments can be corrected for the long term.

3D Drucker

3D printing

Everyone is talking about it, and it's been a theme with us for some time: 3D printing. We develop complex CAD models and employ these for you with innovative 3D printers. The result is low-cost plastic prototypes or plastic models which are highly beneficial for the further development of your product.

Überprüfung durch Fernwartung

Remote maintenance

We are glad to continue monitoring the plant and machinery we have manufactured for you following delivery. Through remote maintenance, we can switch into the systems on your special machines and production lines, check them and optimize them as necessary.

Company experience


We can look back on a company history extending over 50 years, during which time we have always worked on improving ourselves and our product portfolio. It means that our work is always at the forefront of progress and lives up to the latest innovations.