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In a global, fast-moving market, discontinued components are becoming a pervasive problem across a wide range of industries. Short product life cycles and ever-new innovations are turning long-term capital equipment into secondary maintenance objects. The result: idle or defective machines that are no longer supported by their manufacturers. In the worst case, there is the threat of a complete loss of production. We are aware of the problems faced by small, medium-sized and industrial companies and have developed the appropriate solution.  

With our obsolescence management we answer the question of adequate spare parts with a reliable and individual spare parts supply.  Whether a preventive planning for discontinued components or a reactive solution for needed spare parts: VWH GmbH stands for a holistic support under the requirements of its customers.

The time span between the request of a special production and the delivery can already be processed in one working day. In the case of non-existent data, this can be done in as little as two working days. In this regard, our spare parts are under the highest quality standards. Oriented to original equipment quality, we meet any requirements in a variety of industries.  

Your obsolescence-management at a glance

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Our obsolescence management is based on the principle of continuous improvement. Here, additional optimizations can be made to the component and a long-term production continuation can be made possible. For a revision of the design or the material selection of the component, VWH provides a direct contact person in the respective specialist department. Each status is versioned and documented by us.

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If the drawing data of the assembly is not available, there are no limits to the re-engineering of VWH.  An existing component is captured and reproduced almost identically by tactile and optical measurements. 


Whether special production or small batches. Our obsolescence management covers every variation of material types and quantities. Your individual spare part will be produced with manufacturing processes ranging from injection molding, to machining, to industrial 3D printing.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

In the case of non-existent character sets, components can be reproduced quickly by tactile or optical measurement. Industrial 3D printing enables the immediate realization of the first prototypes.  Here, a physical prototype serves to detect potential for improvement in order to ensure long-term machine uptime. 

Rapid Tooling


Industrial 3D printing or injection molding in small batches enable a flexible production solution for the required components. Under the highest quality standards, VWH Rapid-Tooling stands for rapid provision in OEM quality.  

Machining Production

Machining Production

The proven production form of mechanical production of spare parts enables a production result that ensures decades of continued operation of your investment good. In the process, even large assemblies are matched to the original part by an exact reproduction of the requirement profile. 

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Quality Control

Machine-tested and inspected by the experienced eye, OEM quality is no longer just a feature, but part of our working philosophy. Our internal quality control checks every spare part and ensures a minimal to non-existent error rate. 

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Spare Parts Logistics and Storage

The obsolescence management process is based on the principle of continuous support for our customers. Distinguished by reliable subsequent delivery guarantees, we offer you sustainable security. Through close cooperation, we are also at your side with the necessary solution for logistical challenges. 

Your Partner of Lifecycle Management

Obsolescence management is necessary to quickly eliminate component-related failures in production and to keep downtime at a minimum. We help you to replace a discontinued series in a small series. Especially customers in defense technology, automotive or energy supply benefited from VWH GmbH as a partner for responsive spare parts management in all industries. 


Industry References of our Obsolescence Management

We offer our obsolescence management service for various industries. From references of the defense technology, automotive and the experience of many years with long-lived capital goods VWH is the cross-industry partner in the supply of discontinued components. For your entrepreneurial needs for custom-made products - get in touch with us!   

We are the versatile professional who can provide individual support to customers from a wide range of industries!