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We are a competent partner for the most diverse industries

Branch Car


For years, VWH has worked successfully with well-known automotive suppliers and manufactures high-quality plastic parts for equipping a wide range of vehicle models. We design and produce moulds and plants for production of complex plastic products. In a next stage, our plastics experts fill these moulds, creating beautifully formed plastic parts for vehicle interiors or components for the engine compartment. The benefit for you as you collaborate with us is this combination of mould development and subsequent production one stop. It means we can guarantee seamless manufacture.

Branch Electrical


You will find a strong partner in electronics, too. We manufacture products for the electronics industry, amongst others, with the aid of the injection-moulding process. One-component or multi-component processes are used for this. This allows different plastics to be combined with metal, for example. We manufacture plug connectors, switch modules and circuit boards, along with plastic and electronic housings. These products are used in almost all electronic devices, as a key component.

Industry Consumption

Consumer goods

Thanks to years of collaboration with familiar brands, our company possesses valuable knowledge in the field of plastic parts production for consumer goods - and you can benefit from this. Even as we head for the bathroom in the morning and reach for the razor, the likelihood is that it will be a product manufactured with the aid of our special machines or injection moulds. For series production - for example, of plastic toothbrushes - we develop complex production plants which combine materials feed, mould casting, product discharge and, if requested, even item packaging with one another - entirely automatically. 

Branch Medicine

Medical products

VWH-manufactured plastic items are used in the medical sector, too. We produce items ranging from the simple spatula used on a visit to the dentist or found in the chemist's to complicated packagings for a wide range of items which comply with the stringent demands of the healthcare sector.

We are adaptable professionals, able to support customers from a wide range of sectors with their individual requirements!