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In a global, fast-moving market, obsolete components are becoming a ubiquitous problem in a variety of industries. Due to short product life cycles and constant new innovations, long-term capital goods become secondary maintenance objects. The result: idle or defective machines that are no longer supported by their manufacturers. In the worst case, there is a risk of a complete loss of production. We know about the problems of small, medium-sized and industrial companies and have developed the appropriate solution.

Renessenz is the trend-setting concept for sustainability and continuity. With adequate spare parts, we ensure a reliable and individual supply of components. Whether preventive planning for discontinued components or a quick-reaction solution for required spare parts: VWH GmbH stands for holistic support based on the requirements of its customers.

The period of time between the request for a special production and the delivery can be processed in just one working day. If the data is not available, this takes place within two working days. Our spare parts are subject to the highest quality standards. Oriented towards original equipment manufacturer quality, we meet all requirements in a large number of industries.

Birth of the Renessenz

Warum Renessenz?

Why Renessenz?


Renessenz is derived from the term "renaissance" and is intended to express a very specific attitude toward the maintenance of machinery and equipment: Reflecting on what already exists, reverting to what is known and proven, and further developing what has been used in the past. 

If obsolescence of components leads to defects, failures or malfunctions, machines are not immediately regarded as unusable, because they can be repaired and even improved by our innovative spirit. Re-engineering here stands for the optimization of components in their function or material selection. Even discontinued components can be precisely measured and identically reproduced through re-design. 

Renessenz thus replaces the obsolete concept of obsolescence management. We are rethinking spare parts management: the focus is shifting from the process of obsolescence (lat. obsolescere) to the actual activity of renewal. 

Renessenz at a glance


Renessence is representative of the former obsolescence management under the principle of continuous improvement. Here, additional optimizations can be made to the component and a long-term production continuity can be enabled. For a revision of the design or the material selection of the component, VWH provides a direct contact person in the respective specialist department. Each status is versioned and documented by us.


Even if the drawing data of assemblies are no longer available, there are no limits to VWH's obsolescence management.  An existing component is recorded and reproduced almost identically by tactile and optical measurements.  

Your maintenance partner

Whether it is material, qualitative or functional obsolescence, wear and tear does not stop at any machine or component. Renessenz is the contemporary principle of quickly eliminating component-related faults in production and keeping downtimes to a minimum.

We help you to replace a discontinued series in a small series or to use customized prototypes. Especially customers in defense technology, automotive or energy supply benefit from VWH GmbH as a partner for responsive spare parts management in all industries.


Whether single special production or small series: Renessenz covers every variation of material types and quantities compared to obsolescence management. Your individual spare part can be ideally produced to your requirements using various manufacturing processes. High-quality injection molding, precision machining or industrial 3D printing are the means of choice.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping 

A symptom of obsolescence of veteran components is often the lack of data for reproduction. No problem for VWH: we can reproduce a new prototype in a fast way by tactile or optical detection. The industrial 3D printing manages an immediate realization. The physical prototype can consequently be used to detect potential for improvement. In this way, component obsolescence becomes an innovation driver for long-term machine uptime. 

Rapid Tooling


Modern spare parts management lives above all from its speed: thanks to industrial 3D printing or injection molding in small batches, VWH is ideally positioned for flexible and rapid production solutions. Under the highest quality standards, our rapid tooling stands for fast provision in OEM quality. 

Classic machining production 

The proven mechanical production of spare parts enables a production result which ensures that your capital goods will continue to run for decades. This means that obsolescence of even large assemblies is no longer a problem, as they are in no way inferior to the original part due to an exact reproduction of the requirement profile. 

quality control

Through intensive quality control for each spare part, we ensure original equipment quality for our spare parts management. All components undergo a mechanical inspection and are also checked by the experienced eyes of our employees. This ensures a minimal to non-existent error rate. 

Branche Medizin

spare parts logistics and spare parts storage

To prevent obsolescence of components from becoming a problem in the first place, our renessence as spare parts management is based on the principle of ongoing support. Distinguished by reliable subsequent delivery guarantees, we offer our customers sustainable security. Through close cooperation, we are also at your side with the necessary solution to logistical challenges. 

Branche Medizin

Industry references of the obsolescence management so far

Obsolescence of components and machines affects all industries. We offer our service of obsolescence management for a wide range of customers. From references in defense technology, automotive and through years of experience with durable capital goods, VWH is the cross-industry partner for reliable spare parts management. For your corporate needs for custom-made products, please contact us - and experience the new power of renessence!  

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