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VWH has refined a multifunctional manipulator which can be employed as a load lifter, lift, power arm and torque arm, and which massively alleviates the work involved. It eases the burden on your employees and protects their health. The manipulator is manufactured using carbon, making it exceptionally light but at the same time capable of handling significant loads. A high degree of mobility is achieved and the system can be integrated flexibly into your work processes. Networking the manipulator with machine parts already in place is possible, as is individually programming settings to suit individual preferences.

The indispensable helper for your company

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The vital helper for your business

The added value of the manipulator clearly lies in its low weight and the resulting ergonomics. Employee, manipulator and product can work together in an optimum manner to reduce the physical load on the employee to a minimum. Without constant physical over-exertion to cope with, the team's productivity increases and long-term damage is prevented. Moreover, safety during production is increased and absences are reduced since the physiological stress on employees is alleviated. Our manipulator forges a bridge between the stamina and load-bearing capability of the robot and the intelligence of the worker, thus contributing to an optimum outcome.

Our multifunctional manipulator supports as load lifter, lift, power arm and torque arm

The VWH manipulator can be integrated into existing networks and also supplied as a complete system. Taking the manipulator into service requires only modest room, so it can be used even in constrained workplaces. We can adapt the system flexibly to your preferences and supply it in either pneumatically, electrically or mechanically operated mode. Lifting force and length can also be adapted as necessary and can be either standardized or adjusted customer specifically.

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