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Retrofit: Renessenz from old machines

The appreciation of old and proven machines is the core idea of Renessenz. Countless companies can boast of machines that have already performed outstanding work for several decades and exude a certain charm simply because of their antiquated appearance.

For precisely such machines, retrofitting is a suitable measure within the scope of renessence. Many factors speak in favour of retrofitting or upgrading old machines and against a complete new purchase. Apart from the cost factor of a new machine, the employees would also have to get used to an unfamiliar system and be trained. The adaptation of the factory halls and a changed space requirement are further aspects.

A retrofit offers numerous opportunities to exploit the potential of existing machines:

► Improving product quality through modern mechanics and electronics.

► Retrofitting of automation and communication technology for integration into IT systems

► Improving energy efficiency

► Ensuring the supply of spare parts thanks to new and available components

► Improvement of safety technology to comply with applicable specifications and directives

VWH undertakes the retrofitting of machines of its own design, as well as those of other manufacturers, with the highest precision and in compliance with all customer specifications or safety regulations. Give your old machines the recognition they deserve!