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From the idea to the series product

Ready for series production: the birth of a new product   Even on a supposedly simple item like a lamp holder, there is still a surprising amount of tinkering that can be done. During the test phase, every single characteristic of the product can...

Skills shortage as a driver of automation?

According to a survey by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the market for service robots has developed rapidly. In 2022, around 158,000 units were sold worldwide, an increase of 48%.  The shortage of qualified specialists means that...

Retrofit: Renessenz from old machines

The appreciation of old and proven machines is the core idea of Renessenz. Countless companies can boast of machines that have already performed outstanding work for several decades and exude a certain charm simply because of their antiquated...

Re-engineering: Making the tried and tested better

If obsolescence occurs with a machine, we focus on potentials and improvements that become available with Renessenz: In our re-engineering, we design discontinued components from scratch, even without drawing data. We take a holistic view of the...