Close-up injection moulding machine


Our plastic injection projects are a key part of the VWH portfolio. We develop and manufacture single-component or multi-component injection moulds for engineered individual parts or complex modules. Prototypes and series moulds can be trialled individually in our in-house technical centre. Mould proving can also be undertaken there on request. These conditions mean that small series can be implemented locally to short timeframes. In addition, we can also handle the storage of your unique moulds. As experienced experts in this material, we know precisely how important it is - especially on prototypes - to carry out precise data analysis in order to be able to make adjustments and improvements right at the start of the development phase. For that reason we produce detailed measurement and first sample test reports, making it easier to evaluate the data.

We mould your visions!

Advice and support for projects

However, our customer support already starts a stage earlier. Teams of experts at VWH support you during the design phase, helping the product towards efficient functionality. Thanks to years of experience in this area, we can spot vulnerabilities in the product immediately and can optimize them. The thinking that goes into VWH solutions means that component handling and the production process can be fully automated. That way, you optimize your internal production processes, saving time and costs.

Our versatility - your benefit!

There are many different processes and techniques in plastic injection moulding. We work with insert and outsert techniques, amongst others. With insert techniques, the inserts are placed into the injection moulding tool and then spray-coated with plastic. Outsert techniques function using a different principle, in which plastic elements are applied to a metal carrier and fixed using undercuts and piercings. Combining different materials - multi-component injection moulding - is not a problem for us. Often, the individual components differ in terms of strength and stability. We combine hard components, such as metal, with a soft component via spray application. Two hard materials can similarly be combined with one another.