Mould construction for the production of complex plastic parts

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For more than 20 years VWH has been producing moulds for the production of complex plastic parts at its location in Herschbach (OWW). In the meantime, we manufacture plastic articles for a wide range of industries, including well-known automotive suppliers, and are proud of our broad product portfolio. One special feature of our working method is the symbiosis of mould making and subsequent production of the plastic parts under one roof. In the company's own pilot and test plant, the first prototypes or small series are produced within a very short time. In the next step, these are then precisely analysed and optimised to obtain a perfect end product.

VWH will be pleased to share more than two decades of experience in the field of mould making with you. Please contact us and together we will bring your wishes into the right shape.


Intelligent mould making for maximum effiency

For high-quality plastic parts, an optimal interaction between material and tool is necessary. For this reason, we manufacture all moulds for your injection moulded articles ourselves at our location in Herschbach in the Oberwesterwald. With many years of experience and cross-sector know-how, we take care of a smooth implementation of your production, whether in large or small and medium batch sizes. In doing so, we pay particular attention to the highest level of quality and the transparency of the processes.

We at VWH know that every product is only as good as the form in which it was created. That's why we are your single source. As a general contractor, we look at our customers from start to finish, so that we can offer maximum flexibility as well as an optimal solution for the customer.

High user benefit for automotive, electronics & co

With our reliable industry expertise our high precesice mould construction with state-of-the-art production technology, we supply national and international customers from a wide range of industries. As a general contractor, our customers can expect from us the highest level of consulting and development know-how in material, product and process issues, as well as, of course, support for the complete design process from engineering to tool manufacture. Whether for the automotive, electrical and household goods industry, medical and medical supplies - we develop and produce moulds for all industrial applications.

We write QUALITY in capital letters

As a competent and efficient partner for mould making, we offer various possibilities for the development and production of technically demanding injection moulds:

1K injection moulding

The 1K injection moulding is used for the production of all plastic articles, which are manufactured from one material in one injection process. The process is used in the packaging industry, but also for the production of technical parts.

2K injection moulding

With 2K injection moulding, different and even opposing plastics are joined together. The process is used to produce injection moulded articles with increased technical and design requirements. 


Multi-component injection moulding 

In the multi-component injection moulding process, different materials are processed within a single operation. Our multi-c moulds thus reduce the number of production steps and increase product variety. 

Rapid Tooling 

Mould cores are easily produced using 3D printing. In this way, prototypes can be produced quickly and cost-effectively, with the real material properties, using injection moulding. The production in hybrid construction is also possible.

Rapid Prototyping 

Prototype construction using 3D printing makes it possible to produce prototypes quickly and easily in the planning phase. Errors and weaknesses are thus easier to detect and eliminate - even before the actual production process begins.

Profound engineering knowledge and state-of-the-art computer technology  

After product development, all design data for the moulds are created internally by our experienced CAD designers. We use the most modern CAD/CAM software systems for this purpose. We attach particular importance to high process reliability, maximum component quality and the realisation of a functional solution, in which economic considerations are taken into account from the very beginning. All components are then checked for gate position, distortion, temperature and pressure.

From design and engineering to tool prduction

As a general contractor, VWH GmbH provides comprehensive expertise and efficiently designs important production parameters with intelligent solutions. Following the best-in-class principle, we pursue an uncompromising quality strategy - numerous well-known customers from sectors such as automotive industry, automotive engineering and automotive engineering already benefit from this.

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