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Branche Auto


VWH is always on the move. For years, we have been working hand in hand with our customers to meet the high and modern demands of the mobility industry. The topic of sustainability is a particular focus here.

Plastic parts have therefore become an indispensable part of a vehicle. Attractively shaped elements in the vehicle interior or engine compartment save weight, material and ultimately fuel.

The use of multi-component and recycled plastics requires constant technical innovations in the field of injection moulding. In addition, VWH develops solutions for the partially and fully automated production of complex vehicle parts in specified cycle times.

Our range of customers includes several well-known automotive suppliers. Benefit from our years of know-how, flexibility and fast delivery times for the mobility of tomorrow.


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The fast pace of the electronics industry presents us with complex challenges as a partner. Due to industry trends such as miniaturisation or innovation-related, very short product life cycles, electronic components must be constantly adapted and refined.

The process-safe connection of a wide variety of materials and electronic components is also becoming enormously important and the market is increasingly diversifying.

We meet these challenges by developing special machines according to your needs. No matter whether you want to assemble semiconductor cards, manufacture assemblies or overmould electronic components - with our know-how we will find a perfect machine solution together.

We develop systems for the electronics industry not only precisely and resource-efficiently, but also always with the perfect production process for large and small series in mind.

We are aware of the challenges of an electronic and mechanical nature, as well as in the area of fire protection, and are perfectly prepared for them through regular training of our employees and our many years of experience.


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Consumer goods

Every day, most people come into contact with consumer goods that have been manufactured with the help of VWH expertise. Even when we go to the bathroom in the morning and reach for the razor, we are likely to come across a product that has been manufactured using our special machines or injection moulds.

Our customers have the highest quality requirements for their products. For this reason, efficient production with minimal fault tolerance is essential.

For serial production - for example of razor handles made of composite materials or e-bike locks - we develop complex production systems. Benefit from the following advantages:

Fully automatic material feed for maximum energy efficiency

  • Mechanically precise assembly of a wide variety of components in all sizes
  • Perfect mould casting with insert or outsert technology
  • Automatic product ejection
  • Combination with packaging material on request

Our many years of cooperation with well-known brands have given us valuable experience in the field of innovative production technology for consumer goods.


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Medical technology

Have you ever asked yourself during a doctor's visit who actually manufactures all these disposable products and how their distribution can be profitable at all? 

Medical products such as gloves, cannulas, spatulas or tubes have to meet the highest hygienic standards, yet it must be possible to manufacture them economically and in a way that conserves resources.

We at VWH are at your side as an experienced and competent partner in all phases of product development and production in order to realise an adequate technical solution.

With our special machines, we find the perfect solution in a joint exchange for efficient production processes that meet any standards in terms of hygiene, quality and economy. 


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We are the versatile professional who can provide individual support to customers from a wide range of industries!

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