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Quality promise

To guarantee smooth project flows and customer satisfaction, over the years we have anchored very high quality requirements of ourselves and of our work. Every VWH employee gives 100 per cent every day, and invests plenty of energy and life-blood in each individual project. Together with adherence to deadlines, the quality mind-set is the key to success with us, since only a reliable counterpart can create the basis for the trust placed in us by customers and partners.

Diversity, with top quality

Our extensive service portfolio comprises both developing the initial ideas and their practical implementation, along with packaging the products. During the work on a project, there is a continuous exchange between all departments involved. That way, any mismatches can be identified and rectified in short order during the planning phase. The project enjoys comprehensive support right from the outset, and even after delivery the customer can continue to rely on our support.

Intensive agreement

During the production end-phase, there are regular meetings at our Herschbach site with our customers, during which both sides can verify plant functionality and final adjustments can be made. When taking the developed special machine into service, there is always at least one company employee on site with you to ensure that the operation runs smoothly. The quality of the products can thus also be documented and monitored during operation.

SATISFACTION. A guarantee of success

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With innovation and know-how

Quality criteria are developed project-specifically and determined in close agreement with the customer. Continuous checks and accurate documentation of project progression guarantee that the specified framework conditions are also respected. Internal flows can be optimized via process- and customer-oriented actions and thus designed as efficiently as possible. But our focus is not only on customer satisfaction. Employees, too, should be satisfied and motivated in their workplace if the optimum outcome is to be achieved. A positive work environment and wide-ranging opportunities for further training ensure that all team members can develop their individual abilities.

Openness and fairness in dealings with our customers, employees and suppliers have been a basic pillar of our day-to-day working over the decades and will continue to be jointly implemented as our guiding principles going forward. We see our job as a professional and reliable partner to customers operating on an international basement and aim to contribute our extensive experience to any collaboration. The continuous striving for improvement affords a sound basis for responding at all times to innovations within the sector over the years ahead, and for working at all times at the forefront of progress.