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Tool and special machine construction since 1962

We live tradition and innovation right from the start

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The company's successful history began in 1962, under the name of Nieberding GmbH, with the foundation and construction of a production site for precision instruments. Until the 1970s, the VWH premises were where low-pressure and high-pressure measuring instruments were manufactured and marketed.

Logo Böhler

In 1971, the site was taken over by Böhler AG, which manufactured inlet and outlet valves for ship's engines there, along with parts for military engineering and power station construction. 

Logo VDO

Just eight years later, in 1979, VDO Adolf Schindling AG moved onto the site and supplemented it with a plastics moulding plant with 32 injection-moulding machines, a design department and operations for equipment and resources construction. In addition, a separate pump manufacturing operation for the automotive sector was established and model-making and toolmaking operations in this sector developed.

Old Logo VWH

The actual establishment of the company under the VWH name only occurred in 1994, with the takeover of the business of the former VDO and the new formation of the group. The new name came about from the then core business divisions for toolmaking and equipment construction (Werkzeug- und Vorrichtungsbau) and the company's head office in Herschbach (Oberwesterwald). In the course of this, the engineering division was expanded and the product portfolio supplemented with complex assembly lines in the automotive, consumer electronics, domestic goods and medical products areas.

Old Logo VWH

In this millennium, the group was taken over by the Gesco Group in 2007, and in 2008 there was a change of management. Thomas Sturm has had responsibility for the company's success since 1 April 2008. He has been a co-partner since 2011. Under his leadership, the existing business divisions were further expanded by integrating innovative technologies. In 2009, the production area was supplemented via construction of a new assembly hall, to be able to respond even more efficiently to changing demands.

New VWH Logo

Today, VWH employs around 100 staff, making it one of the biggest companies in the Wallmerod administrative district. With that comes a corporate responsibility to bring on the next generation of employees: VWH trains apprentices across five diverse areas of its business, enabling them to benefit from the decades of experience within the company and making a vital contribution to training workers in the region.