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German Quality in Engineering

For over 20 years, VWH GmbH has stood for high-quality products for injection moulding, laser engineering, automation and testing technology. Our customers within and beyond Germany value us as a specialist for complex production plants that are individually customized to their specific requirements. In that regard, we see our core competence as lying clearly in assembly, testing and automation engineering - areas where we have demonstrated our expertise many times over.

We are your professional partner for jig and fixture construction and tool making.

Toolmaking and mould-making is another pillar of the company. Here, the focus is on injection moulds for plastics, for demanding technical components. Over 30 years of experience in this area form the basis for innovative ideas, professional production and problem-free project realization. Insert and outsert moulding technology and providing injection mould samples are part and parcel of our everyday work, and the company's own moulding plant offers scope to respond spontaneously to your preferences. Pilot series, prototypes and pre-series can be realized to very short timeframes.

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What does VWH Gmbh stand for?

We combine tradition with innovation to enter into a future-oriented symbiosis.

You gain an overview of our portfolio and an insight into VWHs self-image within the VWH broschure.

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From development to production - Everything one stop

VWH offers a wide-ranging pool of competences, extending from developing initial ideas and designs through the production process and on to packaging management. It means that project support can be guaranteed right from the first minute. This benefits not only the customer, but also the eventual end product. Our company can manufacture complex plastic parts to customer requirements and, in parallel, construct the plants for the assembly process. That means the customer can either obtain stand-alone products to be assembled at other locations or can source direct an all-round, carefree package encompassing all preferences from design through to the packaging operation. This comprehensive service portfolio appeals to a wide range of sectors, and today VWH manufactures for the automotive industry and for the pharmaceutical sector.

Shake hands Competence

The basis of success at VWH, alongside its competencies, is also in no small measure the company's own self-image. Openness and fairness in dealings with customers, employees and suppliers have been a basic pillar of our day-to-day working over the decades, and will continue to be jointly implemented as guiding principles going forward. We see our job as a professional and reliable partner to customers operating on an international footing, and aim to contribute our extensive experience to any collaboration.