Testing systems for automation


To be able to guarantee consistent quality of your products, a precise check on the individual components is inevitably needed during the production process. It allows even small errors in the process or in the product itself to be identified and immediately corrected.

But what precisely can be imagined as a testing system? The design options are so wide-ranging that it is hard to formulate a clear definition. Regardless of the large choice of different modes of function, however, all test systems have one thing in common:

whether working as a stand-alone or integrated in a complex system, whether used within the assembly process or at the end of production, testing systems ensure the consistent quality of the manufactured products.

We take the closest of looks for you

We manufacture complex testing systems capable of performing partly-automated or fully automatic component checks and mechanical and electrical function testing. Completeness checks using vision systems, tactile checks or sensor systems are equally possible, as are comprehensive end-of-line checks following production.

To obtain an overview of full production and production data, it is advisable to document as many reliable parameters as possible. To meet this, VWH designs testing systems to record production data. These are linked with databases which save every value and make traceability of process data possible.

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A second look is often worthwhile

Seal checks can be performed either using DPV stand-alone stations or integrated testing modules. Additionally, it is possible to test items under water or subject then to a visual check. Item testing using air or other media is possible, as are test procedures using overpressure, differential pressure or a vacuum.

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