Where the production process comes up against the limits of what is humanly possible, robotic plants can help out. VWH develops customer-specific robotic units for handling, assembly and testing processes To exploit the full potential of your business, we design workstations with collaborating robots. But individual units, too, can be integrated into production lines.

We offer our customers the opportunity to determine process parameters for choosing the optimum equipment to use, through preliminary projects. This applies for resistance welding, arc welding and laser welding procedures. These preliminary projects are supported by trained welding engineers and backed up with extensive documentation to accompany the project. Via our in-house simulation of the build data and offline programming, you benefit from a significantly shorter commissioning period.

A wide range of processes can be covered using robotic plants:

  • Gluding
  • Riveting
  • Folding
  • Assembly
  • Clinching
  • Testing
  • Equipping machines and systems
  • Various welding techniques


The types of robot and their "language" are as diverse as the range of applications. Depending on the manufacturer of the robot, its way of working and programming also changes. Within the responsible departments, we have "foreign languages" experts who are familiar with the various requirements and who handle manufacturer-specific programming of robotic systems. This broad bandwidth enables VWH to pursue your preferences and favoured options or to offer extensive advice in selecting the right system for you.

The benefit for you is clearly that we use all well-known types of robot

We build robots from the following manufacturers:

By using robotic systems, you can achieve a high degree of flexibility and freedom of movement within your production processes. We program complex movement processes for you which are then implemented by the corresponding robots, in order to achieve work which is as efficient as possible. Stamina and reliability are further benefits which come with the use of robots. It is also possible to combine multiple robots within a system or a production stage.