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Gentle, reliable and process-safe palletizing systems

We can design and manufacture fully automated palletizer systems for our customer in-house. These are complex systems for the automatic merging of various products onto load carriers or pallets, ahead of transportation. The palletizer arranges pre-packaged products into layers on a transport pallet. The process is fully automated and therefore highly complex. The technology required therefore has to be correspondingly wide-ranging and can only be implemented by experienced experts.

The products are fed by means of conveyors to the palletizing system, where they are then turned and arranged under process control to fit with requirements. When the individual layers are safely located on the pallet, the pallet is further packaged and prepared for transport.

We increase the performance of your production

VWH has the necessary expertise to advise you professionally and to realise your ideas in the field of palletising technology. On request, we integrate vision systems for component inspection and labelling systems for customer articles already in the development phase of the automatic palletizer. Thus, different process steps are combined within one production plant and the entire process becomes faster and more effective.

Automatic palletizers for maximum efficiency

Palletizing and depalletizing with automated palletizing systems accelerates production processes, reduces costs and increases capacities. In addition, the articles are packed gently, reliably and reliably.

Palletizing systems from VWH GmbH are also characterized by perfect adaptation to your products and processes. Because the machines are not our own product lines, but special custom-made products, perfectly adapted to customer-specific requirements. You do not have to make any compromises. Your palletizer can be integrated into an existing database or equipped with a supplied database. High quality and high-quality components are a matter of course for us.

Whether as stand-alone units or in a machine network - we realise your tailor-made palletising system

Would you like to improve the performance of your production with the help of an individual and automated palletizing system? We will be happy to advise you!

Contact the experts at VWH by telephone on +49 6435 / 309-0 or send us your enquiry regarding the design of a specific palletizing system by e-mail to info(at)

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