Close-up laser system


Development and production of laser systems capable of being used in a wide range of areas is a key sub-area of special machine construction.

We are able to manufacture part-automated and fully automated systems for component marking to your specific instructions. The scope and content of marking can be planned individually. Information such as serial numbers, date of production or data matrix codes are immediately visible, thanks to laser marking, making the further processing of your products easier. In order to have the capacity to respond to the different requirements of various materials, the laser parameters required are determined before the start of laser-marking. That means we can guarantee an optimum result both on metal and on plastic.

Lasers - For customized applications

Laser-welding systems offer you scope to weld complex modules such as metal plug contacts or container components in plastic. VWH supports you in advance of production, planning the welding operation and determining the process parameters. Upstream work is needed to determine how the material will respond to laser machining, and what design options are possible. Only after that can the precise welding procedure be established and jointly implemented.

The cutting of various products and materials, too, can be realized with the aid of complex laser-cutting systems. Item contours can be determined and produced to individual customer requirements. We respond immediately to your instructions and adapt the production process accordingly. Fully automated laser cutting systems with a continuous materials feed are part of our standard portfolio and can be manufactured to short timeframes.

Safety first!

When working with lasers and laser systems, appropriate safety is vital at all times. VWH GmbH manufactures comprehensive laser protection housings which you can deploy in many situations. Design, manufacture and certification are all handled directly in-house. That means short routes between the individual production stages and seamless support are guaranteed.