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Innovative automation solutions in the field of injection moulding

In the meantime, more than half of all metallic stamped parts are directly or indirectly combined with plastic in the further production process. The use of coated plastic parts has become standard in the automotive industry and the process is also frequently used in other areas such as electronics. VWH stands for innovative ideas in the field of injection moulding automation that optimize production and product. When manufacturing plastic parts or coating other materials with plastic, many different work steps are combined to achieve the best possible end result.

It is therefore important that all gears mesh optimally and that there are no gaps within the injection moulding automation process. We offer you solutions for the integration of injection moulding machines into fully automatic processes for the production of complex assemblies and provide the basis for a smooth production process. After the actual production, the plastic parts have to be removed from the corresponding mould. The VWH experts develop complete solutions with 6-axis robot systems or linear axis systems as well as article-specific gripper modules for this work step. These remove the components fully automatically from the injection mould or convert multi-component injection moulded parts within the system.

You benefit from the versatile and modular possibilities of modern automation

If components need to be machined and injected using insert engineering, our teams of experts deliver functional options for equipping the system. The inserts are placed into the tool responsible for the injection moulding, and are then coated with a layer of plastic. This technique is commonly used for the further processing of threaded bushings, contacts, metal sheets or coils. Magnets can be injection coated, as can motherboards. The options are practically endless and the widest variety of combinations are imaginable.

Automation in the injection moulding production process

As an expert in the field of injection moulding, VWH GmbH not only takes care of the high-precision moulding of plastic parts, but also of the complete automation of the process. This not only increases the throughput capacity of the machine but also the efficiency of the material flows. The quality of the manufactured products also remains at a consistently high level thanks to the automated process

Injected. Tested. Packaged.

In automation, one step is seamlessly transferred into the other, and as a single step, injection moulding completes an integrated system solution. By transferring functions of the production process to artificial systems, a smooth and complete sequence of operations is achieved.

The focus of the targeted automation of injection moulding for VWH GmbH is always the requirements of its customers.

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