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Assembly systems are complex special machines

Precise assembly technology and tailor-made special machine construction

Assembly lines are complex special machines that combine various process modules, thereby creating the ideal conditions for efficient production. The system requirements are geared to the specific item to be manufactured. The possibilities here are as wide-ranging as your products. We are the competent partner at your side, devising a solution customized specifically to your requirements.

Assembly lines - Complete or stand-alone line?

Complete lines offer comprehensive design options. Different modules and production stages can be connected with each other and thereby optimized. It means that we can manufacture a system ideally customized to your production process. Integrated assembly lines with fully automated process and transfer systems offer the advantage that high productivity can be achieved in a comparatively small space. The materials feed can be integrated into the system as early as the planning phase. As a result, a regular flow of materials is guaranteed. The quantity of material is monitored at all times and adapted to demand. In addition, we can include various instruments for determining process data into the assembly line to suit your preferences. It means that a wide range of measured values can be recorded and archived in your databases in order to reconstruct the production operation afterwards.

In addition to complete lines, we also manufacture stand-alone systems, ranging in scope from simple hand-lever devices to fully automated stations. Manual finishing stations can be developed and realized as readily as part-automated systems. It means that we as a company can respond flexibly to customer enquiries and cover a comprehensive selection of areas of application.

We develop and construct custom-fit systems

The question of whether the assembly lines involve manual, part-automated or fully automated special machines is of lesser importance. In all cases, our customer receives a professionally manufactured product that lives up to high quality requirements. Complete solutions from VWH guarantee design consistency and plant functionality. From the materials flow to assembly to product data and machine data recording, a diverse range of tasks is covered.

A further advantage is that customer support starts already before actual production of the assembly line. Planning and design of the plant are undertaken at our main site in Herschbach (Oberwesterwald) itself. Right from the start, this means that all departments collaborate closely and match their outcomes to each other in order to manufacture a perfect product. Take advice from us, as Germany-based experts in special machine construction, and assure yourself of an optimum end result.

Special mechanical engineering - tailor-made and comprehensive

By definition, special machine construction is characterized by a unique design of a highly individual machine. Depending on the application, this can consist of hundreds or thousands of components, which makes project management a difficult task. For this reason, our work already starts before the actual special machine construction. Planning and conception of the plant take place at our location in Herschbach. From the very first moment, all departments work closely together to achieve a perfect result. But even after installation and commissioning, we are at your side with service and maintenance at all times.

VWH GmbH - Your reliable partner

With well-founded know-how and concentrated innovative power, we develop, design and install automated solutions in special machine construction that are individually tailored to your requirements.

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