VWH GmbH - now featuring a new corporate design!

As a clear visual statement bringing tradition and the future in harmony, VWH GmbH - being a modern high-tech enterprise - is delighted with its new corporate design.

The new design strips out the superfluous, channels the viewer's gaze onto the new typography of the three letters and demonstrates the guiding idea of structure and clarity. The new corporate design with the refreshed colours of VWH enables the company to show itself to be even more high-quality and innovative than before.

This relaunch sees VWH making the most significant advance in its public face since 2008, thereby emphasizing the brand claim even more forcefully than before and demonstrating both to itself and to others that the company is consistently progressing.

Over the coming months, the new corporate design is being rolled out to all communications media.

The VWH GmbH web presence similarly underwent a full relaunch and is fully aligned to the new brand presence. Transcending regional boundaries, VWH is presenting its know-how extensively on the web with an emphasis on modern technology and visuals in a responsive design. Its capacity to adapt means that the site can be viewed optimally on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets - a relaunched site for today's viewers.