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Easy robot integration into any production process

VWH delivers a multitude of industrial applications

Innovative systems, reduced cycle times and increased flexibility are nowadays the requirements for machine manufacturers. Together with the Stäubli International AG, VWH GmbH is facing up to these challenges.

The shortened time to the start of production, the increasing type variance and the high equipment efficiency have been challenging the entire mechanical engineering industry for years.  Because the wheel does not have to be reinvented, VWH GmbH uses high qualitative Stäubli products combined with individual custom-made application-specific solutions.

As a global supplier of mechatronic solutions in the fields of connectors, robotics and textiles, Stäubli International AG has positioned itself as a technical pioneer. The company maintains a partnership with customers from almost all industrial sectors. This also includes VWH GmbH. The success of the partnership is underlined by a recently implemented project with four SCARA robots in the white room. The system combines all required processes on the smallest footprint. And, in addition, it undercuts the previously calculated cycle time by four seconds and the whole system runs error-free during the entire final acceptance.

Together with Stäubli, VWH GmbH is increasingly focusing on robotic solutions. At the plant of VWH (Herschbach (Oberwesterwald), Germany), the robots receive a solid basic program as well as an application-specific sequence programming. The synergies resulting from the frequent use of robots shorten project lead times, while availability and usability increase. The company develops precise gripping systems (end-of-arm tooling) and adequate integration into ongoing processes to match the robot as the basic component. The robots are used in various solutions, for example for palletizing, handling the component or moving tools. The subsequent offline programming (OLP) allows the robots to be set completely and precisely, significantly reducing commissioning time. During adjustments, the system continues running. The changes are made offline which increases the productivity of the robot system. The teach points are set by using a 3D model which leads into a higher accuracy. Every solution can be specifically extended according to requirements. Camera-guided positioning of the robot gripper hand, the combination with a linear drive to move the entire robot or the integration of interfaces to humans in human-robot collaborations can be integrated into the process. These Cobot solutions are projected by VWH GmbH and, like other robots, are equipped with individual gripping systems.

The success has been honored by Stäubli. At this year's Stäubli Partner Summit, VWH GmbH received the "Authorized Partner" award. "The achievements of the award winners are representative of the innovative strength of our dynamic industry. For this very reason, Stäubli Robotics is very interested in the targeted exchange of experience with friends of the company outside the day-to-day business. In this way, new alliances and networks are created which will lead into groundbreaking automation solutions." says Peter Pühringer, Division Manager Stäubli Robotics.

As a general contractor, VWH GmbH offers a broad pool of expertise that includes the development of conceptional designs, the production process and packaging management. Customers benefit from the comprehensive support provided by a single contact partner for all requests. Well-founded experience in the fields of automation technology, injection moulding technology and product development are the basis for innovative and custom-fit solutions implemented by VWH GmbH.