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The pioneers of VWH GmbH: Women in male domains

With toughness and assertiveness against traditional gender images Clear role patterns dominate the choice of career - even in today's open-minded age. Clichés are persistent, so there are still various professions that are clearly dominated by one...

VWH GmbH - The global player from next door

Automation, molding and engineering in the Westerwald Worldwide used special machines for the automated production and innovative molds for products of tomorrow originate from Herschbach. VWH GmbH combines classic, sophisticated toolmaking, highly...

ERDF funding for VWH GmbH research project

Development of a 3D printer for prototyping in the field of plastics technology Prototypes from the 3D printer are used today in many industries. Rapid prototyping is becoming more and more popular. Especially in additive plastics processing, 3D...

VWH GmbH supports FLY & HELP

The Reiner Meutsch Foundation FLY & HELP is dedicated to promoting the education and upbringing of children and young people. With the help of donations, the foundation mainly builds new schools in developing countries. To date, 137 projects have...